Open Badge Design Toolkits

I have used the DigitalMe Badge Canvas and Jisc Open Badge Design Toolkit frequently during badge design consultancy sessions so I thought I would provide links to them both here. I led the development of the Jisc Open Badge Design Toolkit while working with Jisc and have uploaded it to slideshare for ease of discovery. It is based on the DigitalMe Badge Canvas and is shared under a Creative Commons license CC By-NC-SA 4.0. The following link provides a Download button, where you can save a copy as a pdf: Jisc Open Badge Design Toolkit

The Jisc toolkit aids the creation of badge system, content and brand design and includes tips for completing each section. Amongst other things, it can help badge creators to consider:

  • The value proposition of a badge
  • The badge earner, issuer and viewer
  • Criteria
  • Assessment methodology
  • Granularity
  • Levels
  • Themes
  • Iconography

When I run badge Design Days, I find participants who are working on the content for a single badge will inevitably begin to consider clusters of badges, meta and micro-badges, levels – all of which contribute to the development of a wider badge system. As a badge system begins to develop, thoughts around branding and the visual elements of a badge also become more important… how will a viewer know at a glance that this badge is part of a larger badge system and related to another badge? How will they know this badge denotes a higher level of another badge? For this reason, the Jisc Open Badge Design Toolkit is intended to be part of an iterative process to badge system development, in that system, badge content and branding often seem to build on each other.

I will be using the toolkit at the Open Educational Ideas conference in Berlin next week, where I will be co-delivering an Open Badges for Open Education workshop with Dr Ilona Buchem. The conference will bring together a range of presenters working in the open education space and will investigate frameworks, national and institutional policies as well as best practice in open education.

As the badges sphere develops social design tools such as the Jisc Open Badges Toolkit and the DigitalMe Badge Canvas will also need to develop, so at DigitalMe we are currently creating new Badge Canvases to use in our consultancy services, including a new version of the free canvas, (which has so far been downloaded 3000 times and translated into 4 languages). The following slides will step you through how to use the canvas and provide an example of a badge system.


2 thoughts on “Open Badge Design Toolkits

  1. Great post Grainne, we always use the Jisc Open Badge Design Toolkit with our staff at YSJ, it’s essential they take the time to fully think through their badge content & design and adopt a considered approach!

    Here’s a quick example of a badge design, mapped to UKPSF, for Technology Enhanced Learning:

    We’ve had some great fun with the Badge Maker Offline Toolkit as well, I highly recommend it, some staff just can’t resist a bit of cutting & sticking 🙂


    • Thanks Phil and great to see the fab range of badges you’ve developed! Yes, agree re the Badge Maker Offline Toolkit – I’ve co-delivered a couple of sessions with the brilliant @wearesnook team using that. As you say, people like getting creative and doing a bit of cutting and sticking! In fact, while running a session with them at MozFest a couple of years ago, the Chief Architect of the Open Badge Infrastructure, Brian Brennan, used it to create a badge 🙂

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