Developing a new learning currency with Open Badges – ALT webinar

Last month I was invited to give a webinar on Open Badges for the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). As a long-standing member of ALT I have greatly benefited from insights and examples of educational practice from members of the email list and recently there has been a lot of discussion on how Open Badges can and are being applied in further and higher education. So it seemed timely to share some of the developments in the wider Open Badges field.

Topics I covered in the webinar included:

  • Community discussions relating to the Mozilla hosted badge backpack (should there be one main backpack or federated backpacks?)
  • IMS and W3C projects relating to competency based education and digital identity – the IMS Digital Credentialing Initiative and the W3C Open Credentials Community Group
  • Some of the digital opportunities that DigitalMe are leveraging to capture evidence on the move, support badge earners to share and capitalise on their achievements and to enable evidence-based endorsement

During the questions and answer session, we discussed…

  • Badges being used as intrinsic motivators (but perceptions existing around them as extrinsic motivators)
  • The cultural and design aspects of Open Badges
  • The choice of name for ‘badges’

There were a number of links shared and discussion around Open Badge projects and developments in the chat as well, so if you’re interested in a quick catch up on Open Badge developments, it could be worth a look.

Here’s a link to the ALT webinar

And the slides I used:


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