Horizon Higher Education Report 2015 and Badges

The Horizon Higher Education 2015 Report has been published today. The last couple of years’ reports have contained mentions of Open Badges as key trends so I wanted to see how badges were referenced this time. As I am also now working with DigitalMe, focusing on Open Badges in HE and adult learning, I was interested to see where some of my work might be focused.

It seems badges are perhaps now seen as more embedded in key higher education trends given how they are referred to in relation to other developments.

Badges are mentioned throughout the report in the context of:

Open Education Resources (OERs) (Mid-Term Trend: Driving Ed Tech adoption in higher education for three to five years). A report from the University of South Africa, the Open Educational Resources Strategy 2014-2016 found that emerging technologies such as Open Badges and MOOCs are disrupting traditional revenue models for universities and that these, as well as other OERs, could help a re-focus from content delivery to improved services.

Blending formal and informal learning (Solvable Challenge). The ePortfolios and Open Badges Maturity Matrix is mentioned in terms of leadership and a possible framework to use to inform current and future practice around ePortfolios and Open Badges use. A post about the matrix in Learning Futures provides background to its development.

Important Developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education (Learning Technologies). Badges / microcredits are listed as an important development alongside learning analytics, MOOCs and open content amongst others.

So badges seem to be seen as an integral part of emerging practice in higher education. Watch this space!


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