The Year is Wide Open

Mozilla Monument San FranciscoHappy New Year!

A new year is always a good time for evaluation and a fresh start. It’s also exciting to see existing developments continue to grow.

One of the areas of development I am still very much involved in and believe will continue to grow in 2015 is digital credentialling, and in particular, the open standard for this, Open Badges. With apparently 12,000 sign-ups each day for the student profile platform MyEdu, which supports Open Badges, the use of digital credentials to showcase achievements and engage with employers seems likely to rise throughout 2015.

Organisations like DigitalMe in the UK are continuing to use badges in active learning programmes, to help students demonstrate skills as well as to gain a sense of their learning journey and other achievements they can build towards

I’m hopeful that Open Badge developments in the public, private and voluntary sectors in Scotland will also continue to grow this year.

I had the good fortune at the end of last year to finally visit the Mozilla Monument in San Francisco and hunt for my name amongst the other Mozillians working to keep the web open. I do hope Open Education and an open web will continue to be priorities in 2015.


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